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FC-RBV-31 High Performance Blast Valve Line Relaunched


Today, FUCARE relaunches its round type blast valve line, FC-RBV-31 High Performance Blast Valve, which was initially launched in early 2016. With its protection higher than 20 bar for long duration and approximate 100% in stopping the penetration of blast waves, FC-RBV-31 High Performance Blast Valve is one of the best blast protection solutions in the world. Since its first launch, FC-RBV-31 High Performance Blast Valves have been applied to multiple projects mainly on defense applications.

The upgraded product line relaunched is providing extra installation types including duct connected type, wall-surface mounted type to casted-in-wall type in first launch, in order to
provide an easy way for customers to apply this product with minimum coordination work

requested between construction team and HVAC team.

FC-RBV-31 High Performance Blast Valves is type tested by VTT Finland.

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FUCARE is one of the world’s leading suppliers on blast protection solutions with comprehensive product lines on components for blast resistant buildings.

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