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FC-BPD-7 Bullet proof Door

FC-BPD series bullet-proof doors provides protection to many high-risk military installations, government buildings, embassies and VIP residences. The door frame and leaves are covered with 6.5mm thick hardened bullet-proof steel. The hinges are designed at extra thickness of 25mm to ensure the sufficient toughness.

The standard door is equipped with Push-to-Open rod inside for quick opening and handle at outside.
+ Features&Benefits

·         Covered with hardened bullet-proof steel at external side of door

Provides protection against 7.62mm bullets by multiple hits in close range. The hardened bullet-proof steel offers great opportunities to reflect the incoming bullets and the threats by reflected bullets may stop intruders’ try in damaging the door by shooting.

·         Extra-thick hinges applied

It is almost unlikely that any intruder can open the door by shooting and breaking the 25mm thick hinges.

·         Locked firmly after lock damaged from outside

The damaged lock by outside bullets or impact could make the door opening extremely difficult from outside. And the persons inside may use the Push-to-Open rod to open the door even the lock is damaged from outside. This could ease a potential counterstrike or quick evacuation.

·         Gas tight design

Equipped with rectangular leaf stops, the door is designed to be gas tight so the irritated gas like teargas won’t be leaked into inside.

·         Fully made of steel

Could stand regular fire for long duration.

+ Specifications

Frame materials: Carbon steel with bullet-proof steel covered outside

Leaf: Carbon steel skeleton with bullet-proof steel covered outside

Finish: Epoxy coating / 1mm SS304 brushed plate/ 1mm SS316 brushed plate

Test setup


Type of weapon




Sample Size


Test distance


Striking angel


No. of shots

Striking distance




7.62 x 51

Steel core






Test result:

No penetration observed.

+ PN
Contact FUCARE distributor or sales representative to request PN upon specific requirements.
+ Certificates
Bullet-proof performance of steel was verified by China National Lab.
+ Applications
  • Civil defense
  • Government facility
  • Home emergency shelter

+ Literature