FUCARE provides comprehensive blast protection products for shelters including blast valve, blast damper, blast door, blast window and other supporting lines.
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FC-RLD-HP Heavy-duty Plus Bubble-tight(Zero leakage) Air Tight Dampers

FC-RLD-HP Bubble-tight Air Tight Dampers are designed to provide high level tightness at extremely high pressure, up to 100KPa differential pressure and can stand pressure difference up to 180KPa without permanent deformation which may affect its tightness performance. Therefore, this product is capable to tackle the most critical situations for key buildings or systems such as NBC filtering system of hardened shelters, control room of nuclear power plant and control buildings of OGP industry.

+ Features&Benefits
  • Provide bubble-tight tightness at differential pressure up to 100KPa
    Offers outstanding protection even there is significant air pressure change on damper. 
  • Stand high pressure in elastic range
    Able to stand 180KPa without deformation.
  • Maintain all functions after high pressure
    Offer the reliable protection under critical situations such as dramatically fluctuating air pressure.
  • Good corrosion resistant performance
    Frames are made of chemical-resistant materials such as galvanized steel, nickel coated steel, stainless steel, etc. 
+ Specifications

Frame material: Galvanized steel/Nickel coated steel/SS304/SS316

Blade material: Galvanized steel/Nickel coated steel/SS304/SS316

Working pressure: 180KPa

Zero-leakage pressure: 100KPa

Sealing type: Fluoro rubber

[Leakage rating]


Test method

Rating by criteria


Ventilation for buildings. Air terminal devices. Aerodynamic test.

FIGURE 1 (Blade)

Class 4

FIGURE 2 (Casing)

<0,25 dm3/h

AMCA 500D-18

Laboratory Methods of Testing Dampers for Rating


Bubble-tight (Zero Leakage) at 100KPa

KTA 3601-2017

Ventilation Systems in Nuclear Power Plants


Class 1

Note: The leakage test was done after the specimen had been under 180KPa differential pressure with blade closed.

+ PN

Refer to lealfet

+ Certificates

Product is certified by ERUOFINS EXPERT SERVICES, Finland. Test report available upon request.

+ Applications
  • NBC shelters
  • OGP
  • Chemical
  • Nuclear power
  • Others

+ Literature